India's Leading Manufacturers Of Railway Products and Hydraulic Presses


Rerailing equipment

BEMCO, orginally an Engineering Craftsman's shop in the late thirties has risen to be a premier manufactures of Portable re-railing equipment, Light weight re-railing equipment, Hydraulic Re-railing equipments, Re-railing Systems, Hydraulic press, Wheel fitting press, Straightening press. Our Portable Rerailing Equipment is designed for re-railing cars and locomotives. The light weight of the rerailing equipment makes it a useful tool in solving re-railing problems safely.

BEMCO now has a well planned and adequately equipped manufacturing setup where every infrastructure is available to design, develop and produce a mega range of Hydraulic press and Light weight Portable re-railing Equipments.

BEMCO, by collaborating with Vogel of Germany and Towler Brothers of U.K manufactured the first ever indigenously produced Hydraulic press.