FLOOR type Horizontal Boring Machine of WMW, Germany make , having dia 160mm spindle fitted with DRO setting for all 3 Axis and having Table size of 4000mm x 7000mm(Floor) with Rotary    Table attachment.

 Horizontal Boring Machine of HMT, Pigard make having dia 100mm spindle with DRO setting for all 3 Axix and having Table size of 1200mm X 1200mm.

 CNC Lathe - Model : LAL28TM of LMW make with swing over bed Dia 480mm & Max. Turning Length of 500mm(Mainly for Machining of Auto Components).

 Vertical surface Grinder with Magnet Chuck having Dia 1000mm x 400mm ht . job of Blanchard, USA make.

 Jig Boring Machine of WMW,Germany make with DRO setting for all Axis and with Rotary indexing Table Attachment, having table size of 350mm x400mm & working stroke of 350mm,with MAx.
    weight of the job of 400 Kgs.

 Thermal Stress Relieving Furnace equipped with time/temperature chart recorder (can accommodate job of 4 X 2 1/2 X 5 Mtr and Max. Weight up to 20T).