With the Control Table, you have everything under control from a safe distance. Move crashed vehicles precisely and easily from one point without entering the danger zone. Thanks to separate conveyor flows, you can approach each cylinder individually or in combination. One oil flow is available per cylinder. In this way, you control with absolute precision and sensitivity. Safe, synchronized lifting of the load is possible without unintentional compensating movements. You can choose between re-railing with 2 cylinders (small re-railing system) or 4 cylinders (large re-railing system).


  • Separate conveying streams enable synchronous stroke
  • Defined force monitoring
  • Valves are arranged in a user-friendly manner and have an automatic spring reset (dead man's switch) in the event of sudden operator failure
  • Clear symbols for uncomplicated operation
  • Optimum stability
  • Ergonomically arranged carrying handles facilitate transport
  • Hoses can be connected in two lengths


Model PCD490-4 PCD490-6 PCD490-2VS PCD490-4VS
Working Pressure 490 Bar 490 Bar 490 Bar 490 Bar
Lift with 2 cylinders simultaneously / Independently 4 cylinders simultaneously / Independently 2 cylinders synchronously 4 cylinders synchronously
Traversing with 1 Duo traversing unit 1 Duo traversing unit 1 Duo traversing unit 1 Duo traversing unit
Dimensions (LxBxH) 810x600x1060 mm 900x600X1060 mm 900x700X1100 mm 1000x700X1100 mm
Weight 38.0 kg 42.0 kg 60.0 kg 70.0 kg