The BEMCO DUO Traversing Unit with integrated locking pin as counter holder enables you to operate the complete working process outside the danger zone without manual repositioning, even with heavy loads. An important part of the DUO Traversing Unit are the adjustable connecting rods. These are available in a short and a long version. To ensure optimum stability without jamming the cylinders, BEMCO uses connecting rods and roller cradles with smooth-running rollers mounted on roller bearings.


  • Control from the control table
  • Shifting in two directions over the entire length of the bridge
  • Manual positioning of the abutments in the danger zone is no longer necessary
  • Work in ergonomic posture is optimized
  • Integrated sliding plates compensate for the curved movement of the vehicle
  • 90 mm arch movement without setting down the load and repositioning the substructure
  • Roller carriage with pockets to accommodate two connecting rods and the DUO shifting unit
  • Two infinitely adjustable distance bars connect the roller carriages and enable safe shifting on the bridge
  • Low total weight of the complete system


Model DB-800 DB-1500 DB-2200
Length min./max 800/1500 mm 1500/2200 mm 2200/2900 mm
Weight 26.0 Kg 32.0 Kg 42.0 Kg